I am dying inside to hold you…

Some things though not meant to seen but seen…left me tearing from within… 

AC, a friend, a mentor to me is one of the two most hardworking employees I ever know (think Babysis and her can considered on par in terms of hardworking ness). She is always one of the earliest to come into office and the latest to leave…Weekends are often burn.

 Though I would say being hardworking might not be her choice. Someone told me that she is her own greatest enemy as she does not know how to delegate and the projects she has been handling are often complicated. But she has always remained very positive till lately… She was on leave on Wednesday but she didn’t look refreshed or happy…There was this sadness in her eyes which I did not understand…  Not too long ago, I chanced upon something which told me tales of her sadness… Lawyer, leave country for a breather…Why didn’t I catch that when DG mentioned it to us one night something about affecting AC’s relationship… 

I know that her husband loves her very much… What he did while he was reading the vows touched me deeply… 13 months on; it seems that things have changed. But I thought their relationship is built on a model where she often work late and he is always waiting but his patience and love supersedes all these and thus decided to propose. What came between them? Another woman? Lack of communication? My mind is spinning and my heart is crying… Why is this happening? I wana hold her, wana comfort her but there is nothing I can do…  

She will be taking a few more days of leave to sort things out. I hope she can find peace and strength from within…

AC, Jia You!


5 responses to “I am dying inside to hold you…

  1. Well, maybe just a small little episode in her relationship. Might not be anything big.

    Looking for a lawyer might not mean the worst, it could be stating black and white some rules between a couple. Like if there is ever a day of separation, the man paid for x portion of the house, the woman paid for 1-x portion etc. I very nearly wanted to draft up one between me and my husband.

    In my case, perhaps delegation is a problem too since company can only afford to hire junior staff whom I really can’t hand over some things that are too “cheem”.

    Constantly at the brink of falling apart so your friend is not alone. A break like the one she is going on would do her good.

  2. 男人说变就变?

    Is it neccessary to have another contract/agreement after signing the wedding certificate? If there comes a day where there’s no other way out of a marriage but separation, I will make sure I engage a lawyer and take every cent I deserve. Having something black and white now though protects our own future but makes marriage seems just like another business dealing.

  3. I seriously do not think that it is about stating black and white some rules between a couple…Though I would wished that it is just merely stating for the WHAT IF.

  4. Story continues:
    Someone told me that AC’s hubby actually had an affair with his colleague’s wife few years back. I wonder if AC is aware of this and were they together then? Heard it was quite a big thing in his ex company and he was asked to leave…Hmmm..

    Been emailing AC for the past few days, she was indicating that this new year will be different for her and she will let go things that do not belong to her in the first place. She said will catch up soon once her things are settled!

    Looking forward to meeting her and hope she will be alright.

  5. Sometimes letting go is the best way to start afresh.

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