Jittery me…

Although I have been told that they will only call me on 11 Oct but I have been jittery all week whenever any phone goes off or vibrates, especially today. I make sure that my phone is by my side the whole time…Though it did went off a few times but it was not from them…. BOO-HOO…11 Oct, coming to an end and of course they are not going to me at this hour…. Did I or did I not? Feeling a bit down…

Perhaps no news is good news?


4 responses to “Jittery me…

  1. Maybe itz not meant to be? Maybe there’s something better for you than what you are waiting for?

  2. ho!ho! It turned out to be no news = good news! My friend just text me saying that there is one more candidate which they will meet early next week and will keep me inform again. Hurray! Having said that, thou shall not have hopes raised.

  3. It’s always a pain to have any change happening. Sometimes want something very much but it doesn’t happen. When it happens, you start to worry again on whether it is the right move or not. Constantly in dilemma. That’s life.

    Anyway, like C**** A** said, even if you lose the opportunity, there will be more out there so don’t fret.

  4. I agree with you Babysis. Actually, before my friend text me, I was thinking about it too. What if I got it, is it really what I want? I guess things you can’t get always seem like the best and at this point in time I can say “YES, I WANT IT”
    I know there will be other opportunity even if I lose this but I’d really wana go or should I say I really want to leave…Of cos I love what they are doing too lar! Shall see how lar… hee

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