You are missed!!


“Whose phone is that?” said LubTub

“If it has been CBL, she would have picked up the phone and said “Hello”” said AC

CBL is an ex-colleague and she has been missed. What memories would I leave behind should I leave one day? What kind of person would I be remembered as? Would anyone miss me after I leave and when am I leaving?


3 responses to “You are missed!!

  1. I definitely missed you when we weren’t colleagues anymore. All the “DOT LEI!”, “DOT DOT DOT LOR!” and “TI…OU….” (Spring sound to simulate 3 lines forming at forehead) … You are definitely the originator amongst us.

  2. Once again babysis, you’ve hit the nail on the head! LubTub = dot dot dot…

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Am glad that someone actually missed me! Though in a rather comical way but am glad not a bad way…muahahahaha…

    DOT DOT *o*

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