I think I have been pretty weird lately. Keep having this strange thought whenever I am taking a lift. “What if the lift stops? What if I am trapped?? What are the two items I wished I have them with me?” If you were in my shoes, what are the two items you wished you have them with you?


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  1. If i’m trapped in a lift, I wish to have an oxygen tank with me and a mobile phone that can receive signals even within a lift. Who cares about high radiation in such a situation? 😉

  2. Oh by the way, would like to add on to the things you start to think about alone in a lift.

    Just watched a taiwan talk show on ghost stories in office buildings. One of the stories goes like this…

    The wires holding a lift snapped once and it plunged down more than 10 storeys, killing a group of youngsters in it. Tragic but nothing peculiar about the incident except that a huge piece of mirror in the lift fell on top of the mangled bodies but it didn’t shatter. Since there was no reason to throw it away, it was placed back and re-used again.

    Ever since the accident, once in a while, the lift either goes a little crazy by stopping on wrong floors, go up even though folks wanted to go down or open and close non-stop on the same floor.

    The main character of this story had this happening to him one night when he was going home after doing overtime at work. He felt the lift go down but when it opened the door, he was still on the same floor. Then suddenly, he fainted and when he came to, he didn’t know what happened and he had spent the night in the lift. Thinking that he probably took too much of his sleeping pills, he thought nothing of it.

    On another day, he stayed late again. This time, a lady was in the lift with him. He was happily telling her about his previous encounter. But in a split moment of turning his head to look front and then looking back again. She disappeared.

    I can’t remember the details after that, but he started to see folks appearing in the mirror in the lift. Folks with mangled bodies, bits and pieces of flesh flying in the lift… almost like a scene in hell. Apparently, those were the people who got killed in the lift. That was the last thing he saw before he fainted again.

    Good stuff to think about when you are alone in lift?

  3. *(**@^%!%@%^!(@**!%@!&&@&^!@

  4. hahaha!! Classic man!! Good work Babysis! I’m sure you have just given LubTub something else to think about other than the 2 items.

  5. Wat man! I’d always have this thing about taking lifts! And you, Babysis, just make it worse!!!!!!!! Although stairways can be scary too!
    Babysis, please do not start on your other story! Please let me off ya? (I beg you…..)

  6. Still contemplating whether I should write the other one in my blog. Never mind, if I posted it up, will let you know the subject heading so that you won’t go and read. 😀

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