Beginning of our roadtrip

After a day at universal studio, tomorrow marks the commencement of our roadtrip.. We will drive down to vegas and spend 4d 3n there..we will then drive back to LA rest for the night and head to san fran for another 3d 2n.. By the end of our roadtrip our holiday will be coming to an end… It sure sounds very far away but I know that it will be over sooner than I know it.. Haiz.. Anyway, got sleep early tonight.. Tomorrow need to wake up real early..

Vegas, here I come…



在美国,没有热呼呼的火锅,没有家人,只有简单的韩国餐, 有老公,有麻将。。。


Happy Niu Year, everyone!!!

Destination Arrived

After 18 hours of flight and 1.5 hours of transiting in Tokyo, we have finally arrived in Los Angeles. Weather is not as cold as we imagined (phew!).

After refreshing ourselves at the apartment, we went chionging at one of the nearby factory outlet. Pocket now has a mini hole…But happy, had some really good bargains 🙂

Today, the boys are going to red flag…The girls will continue their quest at malls… Till we meet again, HAPPY NIU YEAR!

i envy

i turned around and saw my colleague munching tapioca chips and i truly envy anyone who can eat chips as and when they want without thinking twice… unlike me…

dear throat…please do not give up on me…

I am so excited!!

in less than 30 hours, i will be on my way to US… Been under the weather for the past few days (same old same old) and even JF kena the bacteria from me… Poor wong family… But I am feeling very excited now and no bacteria is going to stop me! wuahhahaha…

Hope we will have a good trip… look out for our pictures on facebook!


xo.xo. LT

Grass always seems greener on the other side

Was at a company function last week while most of my colleagues have left..I hang out with another department… We got along very well and their boss is a very nice lady too…(unlike mine).

Why does the grass always appear to be greener on the other side? and i wonder…